True fizzing joy in the Organic Gardening Podcast

  • Last updated: 16 September 2022

Join writer and grower Stephanie Hafferty, as she explores ideas of how to use plants in the home and kitchen. Based on her book (co-written with Charles Dowding) The No Dig Organic Home and Garden, Steph reveals how to use every inch of the plant – from recipes to household cleaners – throughout the seasons. Ever made a fizzing toilet bomb? You’ll hear it here first….

Steph also hilariously reveals to Sarah that she first got growing as a teenager in order to make alcoholic wines.

“This is the most remarkable introduction to organic growing that I’ve heard…..”

And confesses that when she first heard about Dowding and No Dig, she thought it meant smoking wacky substances and just sitting watching your plot grow …..

Tune in to hear the whole story, via your usual podcast supplier – Apple podcasts, Spotify etc.. Search for The Organic Gardening Podcast, for true fizzing joy. Or was that the toilet bomb….