'Unpruned' podcast - Charles Dowding on No Dig

  • Last updated: 16 September 2022
Tune in to the latest in our series of 'Unpruned' podcasts. This is when we let our guests chat at length on subjects which are close to their hearts. Often the topic is too important or too riveting for us to press the edit button. In gardening terms you could say we are happy to leave their words ‘unpruned’.
Our guest this month is Charles Dowding. Charles is an experienced organic grower and great advocate of the No Dig technique.
Many of you may have heard him talk in our May podcast. This is an extended version of that interview - where Charles talks about how he got started with his organic growing, and how he has developed and researched No Dig over many years.
We get down into the soil life and the fascinating process by which plants get their nutrients. We explore the issues that organic growers have when faced with agrichemical systems. And we get practical: discussing the different types of mulch - compost, manure, green waste compost, cardboard and old carpet - and how you too can start the No Dig process in your own plot.
With Charles explaining everything, you’ll not hear a better, simpler explanation of why you shouldn’t give up the spade and let the mulch do the work!
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