Welsh pilot scheme aims to make organic produce more accessible

A new 'Planet Card' project in Cardiff could help shoppers switch to organic food without it costing the earth.
Hands holding tomatoes

A scheme to help make sustainably produced organic fruits and vegetables more accessible to people on lower incomes is being launched in Cardiff.

Sustain's 'Bridging the Gap' initiative aims to tackle the fact organic food, which is good for health and the planet, is often more expensive. In collaboration with Cardiff Farmers' Markets, Food Cardiff, and a group of organic growers and community organisations, it wants to trial a 'Planet Card' that will allow people to buy organic fruit and vegetables at farmers' markets across the city for a lower cost.

Twenty shoppers are involved with the initial trial, with a second phase including 120 people later in the summer. The evidence from both pilot schemes will be used to support proposals for changes to food policy at a local and national level.

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