Members' experiments

Members experiment list pre 2015

Each year we organise several citizen science experiments that our members can participate in - this is the list of experiments pre 2015.


  • Nitrogen fixation by different legumes
  • Amaranth as a novel crop
  • Cut and come again leeks
  • A survey of bumblebees (in association with Coventry University)


  • Growing wheat at home
  • Shark’s fin melon as a novel crop
  • Blight resistant tomatoes


  • Blight resistant tomato varieties
  • Mango ginger as a novel crop
  • Feeding plants in pots


  • Melcourt Growbark as an ingredient in seed growing media
  • Tree spinach as a novel crop
  • A survey of butterflies in the garden
  • Slug Lady cardboard barriers
  • An invertebrate survey of compost (in association with Plymouth University)


  • Quinoa as a novel crop
  • Comparing old and new varieties of peas
  • A survey of garden slugs and snails
  • 2008 (50th Anniversary year)
  • Evaluating Russian comfrey
  • Comparison of old and new varieties of tomato and lettuce
  • The potential of winter salads
  • A survey of garden bees
  • The ecological footprint of gardening


  • Chickpeas as a novel crop
  • Edible flowers
  • The ecological footprinting of gardens and allotments
  • A survey of garden spiders
  • A survey of garden frogs and birds (in association with Froglife, RSPB and BTO)


  • Carrot flavour test
  • Summer cover crops
  • Seaweed for controlling rose blackspot
  • Using plants with seed heads to encourage birds in the garden


  • Organic box scheme study - prices and availability
  • Comparison of onions from sets or seeds
  • Soya as a novel crop
  • Evaluating flowers attractive to predators and parasites of pests