Our position as the leading source of information on organic growing comes from more than 60 years of practical research as Garden Organic and formerly HDRA – the Henry Doubleday Research Association.

This is now formalised in a joint venture in partnership with Coventry University - Centre for Agroecology Water and Resiliance (CAWR), based at Ryton Organic Gardens.

Our joint aim is to advance the knowledge of practical organic growing techniques (soil fertility, crop varieties, weed, pest and disease management) and to study the socio-economic, health and environmental effects of gardening and local food production.

This includes work on:

  • Cropping systems.
  • Environmental economics and social science.
  • Overseas research and projects (in developing countries).
  • Organic weed management.
  • Therapeutic properties of gardening.

Read about our research in each of these areas.

Practical research

Garden Organic is also a leading proponent of participatory research – for more than 55 years we have conducted Members’ Experiments. These help to understand and develop many of the techniques now commonly used by organic gardeners. If you want to participate in these experiments, join Garden Organic to learn more.

Other Research

Garden Organic is a partner and contributor to Agricology - a website that hosts information for farmers on sustainable and ecological solutions.