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North Somerset Master Composters

North Somerset Master Composters was established this year, to promote home composting in the local area. Find out more about the project and how you could volunteer with us or get help from our team.
North Somerset Master Composters are volunteers recruited, trained and supported by Garden Organic to help raise awareness of the benefits of composting and encourage people to compost at home.

About 🔗

Master Composters are volunteers who spend time promoting home composting in their local community, encouraging householders to take up composting and ensuring those already composting do so effectively.

The North Somerset Master Composters group was established in 2022. Volunteers from across the region attended a special course run by Garden Organic with funding and support from North Somerset District Council.

They encourage composting in their local community by attending events as diverse as school assemblies, farmers markets, flower shows, green days, village fetes and music festivals. They have also given talks, run environmental education projects, made video guides, established allotments and set up community composting schemes!

Aims 🔗

The aims of a Master Composter volunteer are to:

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of composting
  • Encourage more people to compost at home
  • Support those already composting to ensure they are successful in their home composting activities

Benefits 🔗

The first step to becoming a Master Composter is to attend a training course. The purpose of this training is to ensure that all volunteers have the same basic level of knowledge.

Your place on the Master Composter scheme will be fully funded and you will not have to pay for the training course or any resources.

You can claim expenses incurred whilst carrying out volunteering within the project area. You will be supported in your role by a Volunteer Coordinator.

Person 🔗

Master Composters come from many backgrounds and age groups; their unifying feature is their enthusiasm for composting and their ability to engage with and make a difference to their local community. People’s attitudes and behaviour can be influenced by family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues and it is for this reason that our volunteers can provide a unique and much needed role.

This role will suit people who:

  • Have an interest in composting and sustainable waste management
  • Have good communication and listening skills
  • Enjoy talking about and promoting home composting
  • Would be happy to participate both individually and as part of a team
  • Are able to share knowledge and/or present information to others
  • Have a positive, organised and flexible approach to volunteering
  • Are looking to extend their knowledge in sustainable waste management and horticulture
  • Are able to attend Master Composter training events
Master Composters
Master Composter, Tom, at an event this year.

I was excited and keen to take on the master composter role as it personally gave me an opportunity to meet and learn from other people with shared interests, and it has also given me the skills and encouragement to spread the word. A little bit of self-sufficiency when it comes to our food and waste are invaluable life skills, much better for the planet and also a fun & rewarding thing to do! I would certainly encourage anyone to get involved.

— Tom from Clevedon – Master Composter since April 2022

Activities 🔗

The Master Composter volunteer role is designed to be flexible and suit the strengths and opportunities volunteers have. We ask volunteers to promote home composting in their local communities, but how this is undertaken is at the discretion of the volunteer. Some of the commonly undertaken volunteer activities are listed below:

  • Attending events - stands at small, local, or larger regional or national events, allotment or parish fayres
  • Giving talks and demonstrations at schools and neighbourhood events e.g. village fetes, fund raising events and community days, Local garden centres
  • Demonstrating to your next-door neighbours - set up a home compost demonstration site
  • Producing written articles about the benefits of homemade compost for promotion in the local press, Parish/Community/Church/Allotment Magazines or on websites and social media
  • Helping to promote future sales of compost bins
  • Setting up or helping to run a community composting site

Most Master Composters spend around 30 hours annually in their compost promotional activities. These 30 hours include all travel and preparation time. This figure however is not compulsory.

Contact 🔗

For more information on North Somerset Master Composters, please contact project coordinator Kate Eastment.

For further information about Garden Organic’s work please contact a member of the horticulture team by email or telephone 024 7630 3517.

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Become a Master Composter in North Somerset

Attend one of our training courses and become an influencer in your local community, who encourages others to compost, reduce their waste and care for their environment. Find out more about the role and sign up to volunteer with us.

Request the help of a Master Composter

Get advice, arrange a composting talk or invite our Master Composters to your local event.

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