Where do I make my compost?

There are a variety of bins on the market but they are all just a container for the composting process. A bin is not strictly necessary – you can just build a heap and cover it over with some polythene or cardboard. However, bins do look neater and are easier to manage.

You can build your own (see Homemade Compost Bins), buy one in from any number of suppliers, including The Organic Gardening Catalogue (see Buying a Compost Box), or get one cheaply from your local council – contact the Waste and Recycling Department at your local council for more information or visit the Recycle Now website.

The ideal compost bin is:

  • easily accessible
  • has no gaps in the sides and may be insulated with cardboard or straw
  • has a lid or cover

And is located:

  • in a sunny or semi-shaded position
  • directly on the soil or turf
  • away from water-courses

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