• Top Tips for September

    • General: Keep weeding to prevent weeds seeding
    • Herbs Parsley, rocket and coriander can still be sown this month.
    • Pest Control: Pick off any cabbage white caterpillars. .

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  • Volunteer Masters Conference goconf16

    Celebrating a year of achievement

    Every year, Garden Organic invites the charity’s volunteer Master Gardeners, Master Composters, Food Buddies and Growing Buddies from across the UK to join them in celebrating another inspirational year of spreading the word on organic food growing, food preparation and home composting. As the sun sets on this years’ event, we take a look at some of the highlights of the day, and hear from those involved.

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  • Chris Collins, Garden Organic, Head of Horticulture

    10 minutes with Chris Collins, GO's Head of Horticulture

    Garden Organic's new Head of Organic Horticulture, Chris Collins has a CV most gardeners can only dream of, taking in two Royal Botanic Gardens and the green space at 'The Queen's church' Westminster Abbey.

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  • Lawrence Hills HDRA

    Reviewing our members' experiments

    Since Garden Organic's origins in 1958, our members have played a vital role in the research and development of organic horticulture. Over the years, thousands of you have taken part in Members' Experiments investigating an amazing range of topics.

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Featured Person

  • Our Founder

    Lawrence Hills, a freelance journalist and keen organic grower, founded our organisation in 1954. He was passionate about promoting the potential of the herb comfrey as a natural fertiliser and the benefits of organic growing as a whole.