• Top Tips for August

    • Ornamental: Don't waste precious water on your lawn; grass is a drought survivor. Once autumn rains start, new growth will appear
    • Vegetables: Water runner beans at soil level thoroughly and regularly to get a good crop. Dry roots cause flower drop & poor setting
    • Pest Control: Plant early-flowering bulbs to provide beneficial insects with a food source early next spring. Great for bees, too

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  • 2016 Calendar launched

    This year, to help raise funds for our charitable work, we are selling a 2016 calendar. The calendar is truly inspirational thanks to stunning photographs from our supporters.

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  • Jules' Nairn allotment

    Garden Organic celebrates National Allotment Week by showcasing members' allotments

    We’re celebrating National Allotment Week - 10th-16th August - by showcasing our members' allotments on social media this week, follow us using the #nationalallotmentweek.

    Garden Organic member, Jules Marchant, has an allotment in the seaside town of Nairn in the Scottish Highlands.

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  • Members' experiments 2015 update

    Members' Experiments 2015 Update

    Many thanks to everyone who's taking part in this year’s members' experiments.

    We still find the idea of pooling the knowledge from gardeners and growers around the country very exciting! To keep you updated, we’re providing progress report of how our trials are working out here, at Ryton Organic Gardens.

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Featured Person

  • Our Founder

    Lawrence Hills, a freelance journalist and keen organic grower, founded our organisation in 1954. He was passionate about promoting the potential of the herb comfrey as a natural fertiliser and the benefits of organic growing as a whole.