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Weed datasheets

Knowing about a weed’s habit, biology, persistence & spread will help you to keep on top of it. Here is detailed information on more than 100 individual weeds, from dandelion to creeping buttercup, bindweed and ground elder.


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    Slender speedwell

    Slender speedwell was introduced from Turkey in 1808 as a rock garden plant. It has become naturalized in gardens, lawns, grassy paths and banks, and on roadsides. Lawns can become densely infested with slender speedwell covering 80-90% of the grassed area.

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    White clover

    White clover is a procumbent perennial, native in grassy and rough ground. It is common throughout Britain and is recorded up to 2,400 ft. White clover is sensitive to shade, drought and severe frosts. White clover is widespread in pastures and meadows, frequently cut grass verges and lawns.

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    White campion

    White campion is an annual, biennial or short-lived perennial frequent on roadsides, in field borders, hedgerows, waste places and grassy banks. It is a weed of cultivated land mainly on light calcareous or sandy soils.

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    Wall speedwell

    Wall speedwell is a native winter or summer annual found on walls, banks, open acid or calcareous ground and cultivated soils. It is common on grassland and heaths, usually on dry soils throughout the UK.

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    Yarrow is a perennial, native in meadows and pasture, banks, hedgerows and waysides, very common in Britain.

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    Thorn-apple is an introduced annual weed of cultivated fields, gardens and waste places with a large prickly fruit that gives the plant its name. The large trumpet-like flowers are usually white but var. chalybaea has purple flowers.

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    Thale cress

    Thale cress is an erect annual, rarely biennial weed, native on cultivated ground, bare places, on banks, walls, rocks, and waysides throughout Britain. It occurs sporadically as a garden weed and is frequent in poached grassland.

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    Swine cress

    Swine cress is an annual or biennial herb, probably native, that occurs locally in waste and cultivated places, farmyards, pastures, along paths, in gateways and by roadsides.

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    Sun spurge

    Sun spurge is an annual weed of cultivated fields and waste places on sandy and clay loams. It prefers light land. Sun spurge is common throughout the UK especially in lowland areas.

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    Stinking chamomile

    Stinking chamomile is a native annual or biennial weed that was troublesome in arable fields particularly in cereals.