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Monthly growing advice

What to sow and plant in June

The information on sowing and planting given here is for everyone from the south of England to the north of Scotland. Growing conditions can vary dramatically across the country, and even within a locality. If you are new to growing and are unsure about exactly what to do when, try asking other vegetable growers nearby. And be guided by the weather and soil conditions.
Germinating courgettes
Courgettes can be sown in modules in June.

Sow outdoors

  • Beetroot M - Early and maincrop
  • Calabrese M
  • Carrots - Early and maincrop
  • Cauliflower M - Mini varieties
  • Chicory Witloof M - for forcing to produce 'chicons' in the early spring
  • Chicory Red and Sugarloaf M
  • Courgettes M
  • Florence fennel - For sowing before mid June, choose a cultivar suitable for early sowing
  • French beans
  • Kohl rabi M
  • Lettuce M - Loose leaf, Cos, crisphead and butterhead. In hot weather, sow into modules or seed trays and shade from the sun
  • Pak Choi M
  • Peas - Maincrop, mangetout and sugarsnap
  • Pumpkins and squash - (until mid-June)
  • Salad onions - (until mid-June)
  • Sweet corn - (until early June)
  • Swede - (until early June)
  • Turnip

Sow in a seedbed to transplant

  • Kale (borecole) M


M - these plants resent root disturbance and are best raised in module trays only

For more information on growing each type of vegetable refer to our comprehensive list of Growing Cards and our Sowing New Seeds project resources page.

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