Attractant flowers

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You frequently suggest growing plants that are attractive to beneficial insects. Can you suggest some annuals that I could sow in my greenhouse in January to get them off to an early start for next spring?

Answer ...

A good selection for sowing now might be: Limnanthes douglasii (poached egg plant), Calendula (pot marigold), and Eschscholtzia ( Californian poppy). The green manure crop, Phacelia tanecetifolia is irresistible to bees if left to flower.

Now is the time to order any seed that you would like to sow early next year. There is a good selection available in the flower seeds section of the Organic Gardening Catalogue. Each flower has a symbol next to it to denote which creatures are attracted to it. Pick a selection that will attract a range of insects. Hoverflies are great for controlling aphids, whilst bees are for pollination.

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