Mice in the compost heap

Question ...

What can I do about mice in the compost heap? We just discovered them last week and I'm a bit alarmed. We never put meat or fish scraps in there and we've never had this problem before. We started a new heap in about July and I wondered whether it's a bit dry and therefore layers of it are like cosy nesting material. They seemed to appear just after I emptied an out of date bag of flour in to it. Could that be the cause or just coincidence?

Answer ...

The mice have probably been attracted to your dry heap. This would be a perfect site for a nest. It is unlikely that the flour attracted them.

To get rid of them, soak the heap several times over a period of a few days. An easy way to do this is to flood it using a hosepipe. Once the material is totally wet, the mice should move to drier accommodation. Turn the heap over before it has dried out again, if it is not too large. Make sure you wear gloves when handling the compost and wash your hands well afterwards.

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