Growing Enterprises Case Studies


Young entrepreneurs
The enterprise theme has captured the imagination of many students. Young people from Woodfield School made bird feeders from pine cones, and instead of keeping the profit from the sale they reinvested it in more seed and materials to make more products in their lunchtimes, with the aim of doubling their profits!

Another student from Arc School organised a car washing fundraising event at his school, with the help of friends, to support the project. The Growing Enterprise project is delighted to be spending it on seeds and tools for next year’s growing season. During the summer holidays two students from Brooke School took part in five days of work experience helping to maintain the project’s growing spaces, develop a new area of display gardens and held a vegetable sale at their summer harvest.

Personal achievements
Several students of the project have made significant personal achievements as a direct result of taking part in the sessions.

A student from Baginton Fields School, attended the sessions for a whole term. At the start staff warned that he was unlikely to engage with many activities due to his severe hearing and vision impairment and mobility difficulties, and that he certainly would not get his hands dirty. Through the series of sessions he began to enjoy experiencing the gardens through touch and taste and gradually became more confident in the unfamiliar surroundings. With support he was encouraged to put his hands into the compost and everyone was amazed when he was able to help the group by filling plant pots and sowing seeds. Support staff from the school remarked at how calm and engaged he was during the sessions and suggested that his achievements during the sessions were significant milestones for him.

A student from Brooke School was chosen to be part of Growing Enterprise because she was lacking confidence in group work and had shown an interest in gardening. After the initial half term block she begged her teachers to let her join the next group too. With her knowledge from previous sessions she went on to show other students what she had learned. Hayleigh's confidence and speech improved so that she felt able to join her classmates on their vegetable sales stand at the school’s summer fair. She is now an important member of her school’s allotment gardening group, applying her knowledge and enthusiasm to other students and staff.