Southwark residents invited to learn how to grow their own organic food

Garden Organic is launching a series of free workshops for Southwark residents as part of the charity’s Southwark Food Poverty project.
Hands holding a tray of organic vegetables including rainbow chard, tomatoes and squashes.

The workshops, taking place throughout November and December, focus on different aspects of organic food growing and include; The £10 Garden, for those on a tight budget; Vertical Veg, exploring how to make the most of a small growing space; and Cutting Edge Veg, covering how to grow veg from other countries.

All courses are provided free of charge as part of the charity’s work to support families at risk of food poverty or previous users of local food banks. Within the borough, Garden Organic supports a team of volunteer Master Gardeners and Food Buddies from the local community, who promote the benefits of growing your own organic fruit and veg as part of a healthy and affordable lifestyle, and provide support and resources in how to do so.

Debbie Mitchener is the Project Co-ordinator for Southwark, and has been involved since the project was launched in July 2016. “Food poverty is a real and distressing issue for many across the UK and although Food Banks deliver a fantastic service, much of the food they provide is dried or tinned goods. Our project helps people to bring fresh, organic fruit and vegetables into their diet.” Debbie explained. “What’s more, the way we structure our work - by training volunteers to support their local community – really helps to develop a community spirit and support network that will leave a lasting legacy within the borough.”

You can find a full listing of events here and all courses will take place at Buchan Estate Community Hall. They are free to residents of Southwark, but advanced booking is essential.

Garden Organic has been delivering organic growing and composting training within local communities across the UK for over a decade. Using its successful Master Gardener and Master Composter model, the charity trains teams of volunteers who, in turn, pass on this knowledge within their local communities via events, workshops, mentoring and support.

“By leading projects such as this, Garden Organic is not only supporting more people to grow organically - increasing the organic green space across the UK - but also delivering life changing benefits to the health and wellbeing of those involved.” said Steve Thomson, Operations Director at Garden Organic. “Our organic growing projects address a wide range of issues, from substance misuse within a prison, to community cohesion in housing estates.”

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