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Partnership between UN FAO and agrochemical industry causes concern

Garden Organic have added their signature to a letter to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), urging them to drop their proposed partnership with CropLife – an organisation which represents the agrochemical industry. 

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The HSL 2021 Seed List is almost ready...

HSL 2021 Seed List - we’re almost ready

Despite the challenges we have faced this year we are pleased to announce that our Heritage Seed Library seed list is almost there, in time for its release on the 1st December. You’ll have 149 varieties to choose from, of which 62 are certified organic and 18 are brand new to the list this year.

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Garden Organic appoints new Director of Organic Horticulture

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Donald Murray as Director of Organic Horticulture. Don will be responsible for Garden Organic's development and implementation of an organic horticultural strategy. We are absolutely delighted that he will be our lead spokesperson for our campaigning work and will be in charge of spreading organic and sustainable horticulture knowledge throughout the country.

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1 hour online waste reduction presentations for schools

Our wonderful community engagement team are still working hard on projects that are committed to finding new ways to deliver workshops on organic and sustainable growing and waste management practices to reach people despite continued and ever-changing restrictions.

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Winter salads – top tips for growing organic salads indoors

If you’ve enjoyed growing your own fresh organic food this summer, don’t be fooled into thinking it has to stop over the winter. You can keep your household in organic salads and greens without venturing outside. Not only are they easy to grow indoors, but they will sprout and keep you in healthy vitamins within weeks of sowing.

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Drawing to a close… for now!

Join Lucy for her closing blog as she reflects on this year's achievements and failures. Read on to find out whether Lucy will return to the allotment next year. 

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Autumn brings a change in weather to the allotment

Despite spending very little time on the allotment due to the torrential rain, Lucy has found plenty to keep her entertained indoors, including, discovering what the rather unusual Achocha vegetable looks like.

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Sharing is caring, so we are told...

Lucy had some visitors on the allotment last weekend and it turns out that she was forced to share her space and precious harvest with some hungry wildlife...

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Preparing your organic garden for winter

When nights get longer than days (after the autumn equinox) it’s time to prepare your growing area for winter.
Grab those last few sunny days, embrace the chill and relish the chance to get outside. Find out more about a few jobs you need to be doing now, to start your preparation.

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organic gardening podcast

October podcast - the perfect autumn listen

This month's podcast brings a bumper harvest of the best autumn jobs in the garden. Plus a serious look at pesticides.

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