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January podcast – we celebrate Veganuary!

Join us this month when we discuss how to garden as a vegan, alongside your organic growing. Chris meets journalist and writer Matthew Appleby, author of The Super Organic Gardener: Everything You Need To Know About A Vegan Garden.

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Take part in the 2020 Big Garden Birdwatch (25 – 27 January).

Many of our much-loved garden birds are still in decline.  Last year, almost half a million people across the UK took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch. Why not join them for the 2020 BGB.

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Wellesbourne celebrates 70 years of research

Prof. Tim Lang, President of Garden Organic and Head of Food Policy at City, London University, emphasised how horticultural research was just as important now as it was 70 years ago when the National Vegetable Research Station was first formed at Wellesbourne.

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pesticides supermarkets

UK supermarkets keeping customers in the dark over pesticides

The supermarkets are taking in big money during Christmas and New Year.  But are they being transparent with customers on the important issue of pesticides in their products?

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December podcast

Join us for our final podcast of 2019!

Join us for our final podcast of 2019 - 'The world of houseplants plus a greener Christmas'.

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For Peat's Sake campaign update

For Peat’s Sake - campaign update

Our campaign to stop the use of peat in gardens and horticulture has got off to a great start. We’ve received over £10k in donations already – and we welcome more. Can you help us to fight the battle against digging up peat for gardeners?

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Insect Decline - and why it matters

A new report, Insect Declines and Why They Matter, has revealed conclusively that drastic declines in insect numbers will have far-reaching consequences for wildlife and people.

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Heritage Seed Library list 2020 is open!

2020 HSL seed list now online!

Many Heritage Seed Library members will have now received their printed copy of the 2020 seed list to browse and order from.

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The Organic Gardening podcast is shortlisted for Podcast of the Year!

The Organic Gardening podcast has been shortlisted for podcast of the year, by the Gardening Media Guild.

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Wales Real Food & Farming Conference

Wales Real Food and Farming Conference 2019

Garden Organic was one of the key attendees at the first ‘Wales Real Food and Farming Conference’, held in Aberystwyth in November.

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