Glyphosate - did the EU regulators fraudulently claim it is safe?

A German toxicologist has recently accused the EU authorities of scientific fraud over glyphosate link with cancer. Dr Peter Clausing says the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have twisted scientific facts to give glyphosate a clean bill of health. It all comes down to how to select data to support your argument. Clausing claims that there is “ample evidence” that “European authorities twisted or ignored scientific facts and distorted the truth to enable the conclusion that glyphosate is not to be considered a carcinogen."

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Chicago Warted Hubbard heritage seed library squash variety

HSL seed list now online!

Many HSL members will now have received their printed copy of the 2017 seed list to browse and order from.

This year the list is as good as ever, with 158 varieties to choose from, including the Chicago Warted Hubbard pictured here, who's ugly exterior hides beautiful golden flesh. Six of this year's varieties are newly available, including the Solid Pink celery with striking pink stems that retain their colour even when cooked, and the Wrobel’s Own runner bean, named after Mr Wrobel who grew it for over 20 years!

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Food Growing Schools London

London schools celebrate food growing success at City Hall

From strawberry jam to tomato ketchup, and the great British apple to winter salad bags - young entrepreneurs from 10 London schools shared their food growing skills with the public at City Hall on Thursday 13 October 2016. They represent the increasing number of London students experiencing the huge benefits of food growing since the launch of Food Growing Schools: London in 2013.

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Glyphosate: the latest scientific review

In a “state of the science” review released this week, Pesticide Action Network(PAN) International reveals the true extent of the adverse effects of glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides on human health and the environment. This review supports Garden Organic's concerns, and the actions of our members who have supported the campaign to ban the herbicide.

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tulip ecobulbs

Bulbs for the organic grower

If you’re looking to introduce some splashes of spring colour into your organic garden, the autumn months are the perfect time to plant spring and summer flowering bulbs. Bulbs such as narcissi and crocus can provide many years of colour, requiring little attention, and are often the first things to appear in the garden each year - heralding the welcome arrival of spring.

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earthworm watch

‘Earthworm Watch’ returns to unearth the secrets of soil health

The Autumn re-launch of ‘Earthworm Watch’ is set to inspire an army of gardeners and other citizen scientists across the UK to record the diversity of earthworms hidden beneath our feet!

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Volunteer Masters Conference goconf16

Celebrating a year of achievement

Every year, Garden Organic invites the charity’s volunteer Master Gardeners, Master Composters, Food Buddies and Growing Buddies from across the UK to join them in celebrating another inspirational year of spreading the word on organic food growing, food preparation and home composting. As the sun sets on this years’ event, we take a look at some of the highlights of the day, and hear from those involved.

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Chris Collins, Garden Organic, Head of Horticulture

10 minutes with Chris Collins, GO's Head of Horticulture

Garden Organic's new Head of Organic Horticulture, Chris Collins has a CV most gardeners can only dream of, taking in two Royal Botanic Gardens and the green space at 'The Queen's church' Westminster Abbey.

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Lawrence Hills HDRA

Reviewing our members' experiments

Since Garden Organic's origins in 1958, our members have played a vital role in the research and development of organic horticulture. Over the years, thousands of you have taken part in Members' Experiments investigating an amazing range of topics.

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organic growing buddies

Now recruiting volunteers in Breckland!

Breckland Council and national charity Garden Organic have launched a new scheme to create a network of volunteer ‘Growing Buddies’, to support older people and vulnerable residents in growing and gardening activities as part of the Breckland Master Gardeners Project.

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