One man and his organic plot - February 2019

One man & his organic plot - February 2019

Despite the cold snap at the end of January, Chris has still been down to his allotment, checking on his compost heap, in preparation for the new season. Chris has already started to look ahead to March and will be sowing an array of hardy annuals on all the spare soil of the allotment that is not growing food.

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Peat free compost - keep fighting for it

We know that sourcing peat for use in growing mediums (such as bagged composts) is environmentally unsustainable. So far, the horticulture retailers have dragged their feet in endorsing alternatives. All the while peat bogs with their sensitive ecosystems and wildlife habitats are being irreversibly cut. And lost. Over 95% of the UK's peat bogs have already gone. 

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 One man and his organic plot - January 2019

One man & his organic plot - January 2019

One man and his organic plot is back for another year and Chris is keen to get back down the allotment and get going on this seasons growing. He's looking forward to the year ahead and we'll be following him and updating you on his organic growing journey.

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The Oxford REAL Farming Conference

This year’s Oxford REAL Farming Conference was a humdinger. More sessions than ever, sell out attendance, a visit from The Secretary of State, Rt Hon Michael Gove - meant two days packed with over 100 sessions and 200 speakers. And Garden Organic was there!

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Metaldehyde slug pellets banned

DEFRA has announced that slug pellets containing metaldehyde will be banned from Spring 2020.

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Warren Street Primary School

Warren Street Primary wins Garden Site voucher prize

This term pupils at Warren Street Primary, winners of our Food Growing Schools London summer Grow Your Own Picnic competition, gratefully accepted a £500 voucher prize donated by Garden Site, to put towards their school food growing efforts.

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Fighting Fund Christmas Appeal

Christmas Fighting Fund Appeal

Thank you for supporting our charity throughout 2018, the year that marked our 60th anniversary. We have taken time to reflect on the year’s campaigns and would like to share some of our successes with you.

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New proposals for pesticide authorisation

Following the controversy about the renewal of glyphosate last year, the European Parliament set up a Special committee on the authorisation procedure for pesticides. It was clear the process lacked transparency. The first recommendations to address the issue have now been made.

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Do plant smells repel snails?

Why are some seedlings more commonly eaten by slugs and snails?  It is often thought to be down to taste. But new research from the University of Plymouth suggests it may be the smells produced by young seedlings that attract the molluscs.

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Risk of lack of pesticide regulation post Brexit

UK’s lack of readiness to regulate pesticides post-Brexit poses major risks to the environment and human health – claims a new report from PAN UK and the Food Research Collaboration.

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