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Leave a legacy gift

Legacies are incredibly important to us. They have helped to fund much of our project work, enabling us to teach the next generation about the benefits of organic gardening.

Leaving a legacy gift to Garden Organic is an investment in an organic, sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. It helps us research, inform, support and inspire people about the organic approach.

Why we need your legacy gift

Your legacy gift could help us in one of many ways.

Here are just two examples:

Helping to support our Heritage Seed Library.

Who knows what important elements the 850+ seeds in our seed library may have for future generations? The biodiversity of our collection has not been explored at all. Major work over several years would be required, but investigating every variety would require major investment. £1,500 would help us test and evaluate 15 vegetable varieties for possible inclusion in our Heritage Seed Library List, safeguarding these for future generations. £30,000 would provide up-to-date equipment in the library and outside in our growing areas.

Helping to support biodiversity.

Since 1958, Garden Organic has worked to protect the rich, interdependent, diverse life that makes up our gardens and growing spaces. Where we feel it is necessary, we campaign for change. We lobby governments and engage with corporations whenever we feel their actions threaten organic principles. And we will continue to do so - as the voice of those who care about our planet and a sustainable way of growing. More recently we have campaigned to end the use of peat in horticulture.

How can I leave a legacy to Garden Organic?

If you already have a will and wish to make one change by adding a gift to us, then your solicitor can prepare what is known as a codicil. This is a simple way to add a new instruction, as described in our guidance on updating a will.

If you do not already have a will, then please see ‘Making a Will’ for our straightforward guidance including information on inheritance tax, how to update your will and some frequently asked questions. It is strongly advised that you seek the help of a solicitor or other professional to ensure that your will meets your requirements and is legally binding.

To leave a gift to us, you need to decide what type of gift you want to make, and how you want to benefit the organisation - for our work generally or a particular part of it.

Further information

For more information, or to discuss how a legacy gift could be used, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator.

Telephone: 024 7621 7701