Master Composters stand at a football game

Waste Savvy Staffs

As part of Waste Savvy Staffs, we recruited and trained 24 volunteers in its first year, who use education and community engagement to raise awareness of ways to reduce waste.
Waste Savvy Staffs was a Staffordshire County Council campaign to reduce waste across the county.

About 🔗

Garden Organic recruited, trained, and coordinated volunteers to raise awareness of this topic throughout the county.

The Waste Savvy Staffs campaign aimed to reduce food waste, increase composting and recycling, and promote other sustainable waste schemes, such as real nappies and Repair Cafes. We also supported the Council in setting up community fridges in the county to encourage the sharing of unwanted or surplus food and drink.

Volunteering 🔗

Our volunteers raised awareness of ways to waste less through stands at events, talks, workshops, home visits, and supporting schools, colleges, and universities.

Most of the volunteer activity involved engaging with the public at events across Staffordshire, such as countryside shows, garden/flower festivals, sustainability events and fun days. Our volunteers also delivered talks and workshops to schools and community groups.

While coronavirus restrictions were in place, much of this work was successfully directed towards engagement via social media and talks to groups using Zoom, highlighting the flexibility of our volunteer programmes.

The volunteer could decide which of these events they wished to undertake, as well as finding their own local events or projects.

Master Composters stand at a football game
Waste Savvy Staffs volunteer Terry with the Burton Albion football team mascot at an eco-themed pre-match event for families during Great Big Green Week.

I've learnt more about composting in this short while than I ever could have elsewhere. What’s more, you’ve given me the confidence to go ahead and start composting myself. The Zoom format worked perfectly. Thank you.

— Mark Johnson, Moorlands Climate Action

Benefits 🔗

As well as additional in-service training, the coordinator arranged social meetings to build relationships and maintain volunteer engagement.

We also provided resources for volunteers to use, from leaflets, games and activities to tables, chairs, tablecloths and gazebos if required.

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