Blueberries credit Joannie Goulet

Growing calendar
Plant out/transplant Oct - Feb
Harvest Aug - Oct

How to grow blueberries

Plant pot-grown bushes 150cm apart. Cut all stems to 3cm to encourage new vigorous growth.

Choose well-drained acid soil in a sunny or part-shaded, sheltered site.

Water (ideally rainwater) and mulch with acidic material (eg old pine needles). After three years, cut down one or two older, less productive stems to the soil level each year.

Harvesting and using blueberries

Pick your blueberries when fully coloured by gently pulling them from the bush.

Tips on growing blueberries

Pigeons and other birds will compete with your for your blueberries so cover the bushes with a netting to protect them, making sure it's well-secured so no birds get trapped inside.

Blueberry bushes are self-fertile but planting more than one variety gives better pollination and heavier crops.

Growing notes
Difficulty Moderate
Average time to harvest From 18 months
When to prune Winter or early spring
Equipment needed Feed, mulch (eg compost)
Average plant size Up to 150cm tall and wide
Family group to grow with Miscellaneous
Seed saving notes Specialist
Key nutritional content Vitamin C