In this growing guide, we'll show you how to grow Melons in your organic garden.
Growing calendar
Sow indoors Apr - May
Plant out/transplant Jun
Harvest Aug - Oct

How to grow melons

Sow melon seeds in pots, 1.5cm deep on their side. Transplant seedlings 90cm apart in a greenhouse or cold frame.

Choose fertile moist soil and a sunny sheltered site.

Water and feed your melon plants regularly. You can grow melons by tying the shoots to wires or letting them trail.

Remove the growing tip of the main shoot when it's 1m long and remove the tip of the side shoots after five leaves. Melon fruit will form on the subsequent side shoots.

You should get one melon per shoot.

Harvesting melons

As the melon is ripening on the plant, place the fruit on a tile or hang in netting to protect it. Cut the melons from the plant when they're fully ripe.

Tips on growing melons

You can rub the female flowers with the male to help pollination. The male flowers have a thin stalk.

Growing notes
Difficulty Trickier
Average time to harvest From 16 weeks
Equipment needed Feed, netting or tile
Average plant size 100cm tall and wide
Family group to grow with Cucurbits: cucumber, pumpkin
Key nutritional content Vitamin C