Growing Guides
Our in-depth guide on how to grow raspberries covers everything from planting tips and soil requirements to care and harvesting techniques. Explore the joys of cultivating your own sweet and juicy raspberries with our expert advice.
Growing calendar
Plant out/transplant Oct - Feb
Harvest Jul - Oct

How to grow raspberries

Plant raspberry canes (30cm tall woody stems). Space canes 40cm apart, new canes will form an unbroken row over time. Allow 150cm between rows.

Choose well-drained soil in a sunny, sheltered site.

Water and mulch raspberries. Tie new canes to horizontal wires.

Harvesting and using raspberries

Pick raspberries when they are fully coloured. Cut 'fruited canes' to soil level. Leave 'non-fruiting' cans on summer raspberries (ie the current season's growth) to fruit next year.

Tips on growing raspberries

Raspberries can either be summer fruiting, or autumn fruiting. Summer fruiting raspberries produce fruit on growth from the year before; autumn raspberries produce fruit on the current season's growth.

Growing notes
Difficulty Moderate
Average time to harvest From 18 months
When to prune Autumn
Equipment needed Stakes, wire, twine, mulch
Average plant size 180cm tall, 45cm wide
Family group to grow with Rosaceae: pear, blackberry
Key nutritional content Vitamin C, folate