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Crunchy, spicy radish really livens any salad. It's one of the quickest crops to grow so is perfect to sow in any gaps the appear in your veg beds as the season progresses. With summer and winter varieties available, you can have fresh radish almost all year round!
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Mid Feb - Sep
Harvest Apr - Dec

How to grow radish

Regularly sow radish seed 0.5cm deep in rows 10-15cm apart. Thin seedlings of summer varieties to 2.5cm winter varieties (sown from July) to 10cm.

Remove weeds around your radish seedlings by hand to avoid disturbing the roots. Water weekly in dry weather for rapid and continuous growth.

Protect with a cloche if the weather is particularly cold in February and March.

Harvesting and using radish

Pull up summer varieties when they're small (from the size of a 5p coin) as bigger roots will become woody. Pull up larger winter varieties from autumn as needed.

Tips on growing radish

Too much water produces lots of leaves and small roots.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 4-7 days
Average time to harvest 3-6 weeks (summer varieties)l 10-12 (winter)
Equipment needed None
Average plant size 15cm tall, 10cm wide
Family group to grow with Brassica: broccoli, cabbage
Seed saving notes Annual, can cross-pollinate
Key nutritional content Vitamin C, folate