How to grow Salad Onion | Growing Guides
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Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Mar - Jul
Harvest Jun - Oct

How to grow salad onions

Regularly sow salad onion seed 0.5cm deep in rows 10cm apart. Thin seedlings if needed to 2.5-5cm. Sowing regularly will give a succession of harvests and avoid the plants all being ready to eat at once.

Water plants in dry weather for steady growth. Break off any flower stems that appear.

Harvesting salad onions

Gently lift bulbs when 1-2cm across and the leaves are still green. Loosen with a hand fork if needed.

Tips on growing salad onions

Weeds can easily damage plants so carefully remove by hand. Remove thinnings to avoid attracting onion root fly.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 21 days
Average time to harvest 10-12 weeks
Equipment needed None
Average plant size 20cm tall, 5cm wide
Family group to grow with Alliaceae: garlic, shallots
Seed saving notes Annual, can cross-pollinate
Key nutritional content Folate, vitamins A and C, iron