Colours of the rainbow

It has been a fantastically sunny week, so every spare moment has been spent in the garden or allotment. It was all hands to the deck on the weekend having a good sort out in the garden and both children proved themselves useful with a pair of secateurs (although maybe not particularly fussy about what they chopped!) Typically after all my warnings to the children the only secateurs based accident was mine – a loss of concentration led to a painfully cut thumb, I think that I might have lost my voice of authority on the subject!

Most excitingly we picked the first of the sweetcorn this week, having lost the first batch in the late May frost, it has been a long time in coming. It was rather variable in size (in fact most was quite small!) but delicious, nonetheless. Even my son got excited at the prospect of visiting the allotment and picking his own. We also had a delicious stir fry with rainbow chard that seems to just pop up all over the allotment, courgette and beans.

And as for the day job – the HSL tomato harvest is now coming in thick and fast so I’m busy chopping, deseeding and drying. Today I’ve got a batch of the most beautiful red and yellow tomatoes to deal with, they look and smell fantastic so will be a great addition to the seed list in a few years’ time!

More about Lucy...
Lucy is part of the fantastic Heritage Seed Library team, working hard to grow and preserve seed varieties that are no longer available so that our members can enjoy growing them at home. Raising two young children, Lucy is keen to grow an array of fruit and vegetables to become more sustainable and to encourage her children to get involved in growing.

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