Heritage Seed Library

Organic Heritage

Our Heritage Seed Library, works tirelessly to conserve the UK's vegetable heritage, protecting our rich organic diversity for future generations.

We undertake targeted activities to protect diversity and encourage seed conservation.

Heritage Seed Library

The Heritage Seed Library (HSL) aims to conserve and make available vegetable varieties, mainly of European varieties, that are not widely available. We are not a gene-bank and all our collection, once we have enough seed, will become available through our annual seed list.

The National Heritage Garden at Le Manoir

The National Heritage Garden at Le Manoir is run in partnership with Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library (HSL) and was opened by Michelin Starred Chef, Raymond Blanc, in June 2014, to showcase rare heritage vegetables from the Heritage Seed Library.

Seed saving

We have produced comprehensive Seed Saving Guidelines that are freely available and we carry out Seed Saving Courses twice a year at Ryton Organic Gardens. We also provide a number of useful resources and website links to support seed saving.

Seed Swaps

Seed swaps are where people come together to exchange seeds. We attend several seed swaps each year where people can obtain some of our varieties to try and to save for the following year.

Protecting plant heritage

It is becoming increasingly clear that our plant heritage - and organic growing principles - are under threat, principally but not exclusively, from regulation and big business. Garden Organic actively lobbies and campaigns internationally on behalf of organic and heritage principles, and has had many successes - but with much work still to do.