Leslie Robinson


About Leslie Robinson 🔗

"I am very interested in organics, having grown up on a farm in Yorkshire. Garden Organic is local to where I now live, and I look forward to being involved.

I have been in management roles for some 30+ years, holding positions as Managing Partner (large Chartered accountancy practice), Financial Director, COO, Managing Director and CEO, plus many years in Education, first in a political role and then as a school governor and, for the last 10 years as a trustee of a £7M educational charity (a Quaker school).

More recently I have been the interim CEO of a small AI tech company, that builds systems to support and enhance specific employee roles – systems designed specifically to support organisations to integrate AI into their day-to-day operations.

This range of experience, supported by my original training as a Chartered accountant, enables me to provide support to a board across a wide range of disciplines, including the very latest in integrating technological advances to maximise employee and operating efficiencies."

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