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Who we are

Mark Mitchell - Vice-Chair

I have spent my entire career in the UK travel industry, and for the last the last 10 years have held senior leadership positions in a number of travel businesses, including my current role at Midcounties Cooperative Society. I head up our tour operator Co-Op Holidays as well as managing all third party supplier relationships.

I’m proud to work at Midcounties and particularly proud of our values - democracy, openness, equality and sustainability. These values are vital for leading a membership organisation and we apply them to all our working practices.

I have over 20 years experience working for membership organisations. My previous employer was Affinion; I was the director of a business which provided travel services to Royal Bank of Scotland ‘Added Value Account’ customers. This was a paid-for membership and we operated against strict service levels in order to maintain the existing membership base, in addition to attracting new members.

I am familiar and comfortable within a boardroom environment. As well as being a member of the travel Senior Leadership Team at Midcounties, I also oversee my own team of 6 managers across product, marketing, operations and revenue. I sat as a non-executive board director for Advantage Travel Centres in 2014 – 2016. My achievements during this time included completing the processes to appoint a new Managing Director and a non-executive Chairman. I also sat on the Remuneration Committee.

I have a lovely garden at home, although I confess it is mostly my wife’s work. However I particularly enjoy the garden pond we created during lockdown, and I spend hours observing the wildlife, plants and insects that the pond has attracted.

The rest of my spare time I spend keeping fit and running a tennis team for Warwick Tennis Club, travelling around the Cotswolds to play league matches

Mark Mitchell, Garden Organic Trustee