Policy & Campaigning

Policy & Campaigning

Since 1958, Garden Organic has worked to protect the rich, interdependent, diverse life that makes up our gardens and growing spaces. We set up practical projects that make a difference, we educate and inspire growers, we conserve endangered varieties and we lobby for change. And we will continue to do so - as the voice of those who care about organic principles.

The Organic Voice - Update
Each month we will report back on meetings we have attended - whether they be with government departments, other organic organisations, voluntary and lobby groups.  Keeping you informed on up to date discussions and decisions.

Plant Reproductive Materials - EU Regulation Proposals 
Our Heritage Seed Library is often under threat from major organisations including the large seed producers, who are trying to get new legislation to control the ownership of seeds through European Parliament. Find out more here. 

Previous campaigns include:

The Bee Heard campaign,  We lobbied MPs and the Government to take action to protect UK bee populations. For further information see Pollinators and Neonicotinoids

Ban Glyphosate.  In 2016, Garden Organic members petitioned the EU, and we wrote to the Commission on their behalf, asking for a ban on toxic herbicides which contain glyphosate.  Our voice was heard, along with over a quarter of a million other citizens, and we managed to persuade the EU regulatory body to not only reduce the licence for glyphosate use down to just 5 years, but also to adopt changes in the chemical regulatory system, making it more transparent and less vulnerable to industry-led pressure.  See Glyphosate and Glyphosate Campaign success.