Heritage Seed Library seed varieties donated to Kew for "Kew on a Plate"

We're looking forward to the third episode of 'Kew on a Plate' this evening, with Garden Organic Vice-President, Raymond Blanc and Kate Humble - BBC2 at 9pm. The series sees Raymond and Kate re-establish a long-lost kitchen garden at Kew using some of the rare varieties from Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library, at the site of what was once Queen Victoria's royal kitchen garden.

Below is a list of the heritage seed varities, Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library, donated to Kew for the BBC series:

Carrot - Afghan Purple Climbing Bean - Kew Blue Pea - Blackdown Blue Swede - Bjursas Sweetcorn - Rainbow Sweet Inca Tomato - Early Outdoor/Sand Point Tomato - Pink Cherry Tomato - Maghrebi Tomato - Pop-In Tomato - Spanish Big Globe Tomato - Broad Ripple Yellow Currant Tomato - Darby Striped Yellow Green Turnip - Black Sugarsweet