For Peat's Sake - campaign updates

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Here are some of updates, successes and stories from our campaign to ban peat from horticulture.

You can also see here for For Peat's Sake campaign. And here for how to grow peat-free.  And here for what is peat and why it is so important.

December 2021  DEFRA announces plans to ban peat in horticulture in England and Wales by the end of this Parliament (2024). And launches a public consultation. 

November 2021 Garden Organic is featured in a new report published by the IUCN UK Peatland Programme. The report showcases successes in peat-free horticulture.

November 2021  We launch our Peat Free Growing online course at COP 26.  Our first webinar, using the course, is well received and has nearly 100 participants. 

December 2020  Garden Organic signs letter to George Eustace demanding a peat ban 

November 2020 A new report from Coventry University reveals damning statistics on the gardening industry's move to peat free.  It makes depressing reading. 

May 2020 Garden Organic welcomes England Peat Action Plan as a step in the right direction

February 2020

  • Update: The Committee for Climate Change advises DEFRA that sales of peat should be banned from 2023. Two GO members  stood up in front of local audiences to talk about the importance of peat bogs, and why we don’t need to destroy them to grow successfully at home.   
  • DEFRA delays once again on banning peat 

January 2020 The Committee for Climate Change releases shocking statistics 

December 2019 Three cheers for nurseries that are promising to go peat free: Edible Culture in Kent; Sunrise Plants in Retford; Nicholsons of Oxfordshire; Radway Bridge in Herefordshire; and Dobies in Devon! 

October 2019  We launch the campaign, For Peat's Sake.