hens@home mentors

hens@home The hens@home project was initiated as existing Garden Organic volunteers were regularly asked about keeping hens when interacting with the public.

As part of the Lottery commissioned project existing Garden Organic volunteers were able to train additionally as hens@home mentors. Experience of hen keeping was a requisite for all hens@home mentors so that they had the relevant know-how to engage with members of the public.

An important aspect of the hens@home mentor role was to discuss with potential hen keepers the full range of activities and responsibilities needed to provide a healthy environment for domestic hens. Furthermore, hens@home mentors offered support to existing hen keepers who were experiencing difficulties or needed encouragement.

As part of the hens@home project a booklet has been produced which covers a broad range of topics and is aimed at people who are considering keeping hens for the first time.

The hens@home booklet can be viewed or downloaded here

For further information on the project; please contact: enquiry@gardenorganic.org.uk.