George Lockwood | Speakers
George Lockwood is an organic gardener who has been in the industry for 15 years. You can book him as a speaker for your next event here.
I am a full time totally organic passionate gardener, i was taught my trade at Capel Manor college and have been gardening for the last 15 years, I have been giving presentations to gardening clubs, societies, the women's guild and the WI.


Enfield, Middlesex

Telephone number: 02083637015
Mobile number: 07983948526

Talk topics:

  1. Soil Structure and Healthy Soils
  2. Bulbs from January onwards
  3. Bulbs in a royal garden
  4. Bulbs that flower in August-September
  5. Bulbs that flower in March-April
  6. Bulbs that flower in May, June & July
  7. Bulbs that flower in October, November & December
  8. Bulbs that flower in January & February
  9. Climbers in a royal garden
  10. Ferns and their companions
  11. Flowering perennials in a shady garden
  12. Flowering shrubs for each month
  13. Fragrant plants
  14. Fragrant shrubs
  15. Ground cover plants
  16. Plants that flower each month
  17. Ornamental grasses
  18. Perennials in a royal garden
  19. Plants for a silty, sandy and clay soil
  20. Plants for autumn colour
  21. Plants for a dry garden
  22. Flowers in the garden all year round
  23. Plants for early summer
  24. Plants for midsummer on
  25. Plants to encourage wildlife
  26. Shrubs to encourage wildlife
  27. Shrubs/climbers for shady areas
  28. Shrubs in a royal garden
  29. Pruning and taking cuttings
  30. Seed planting indoor/outdoor
  31. The best climbing/rambling roses
  32. Acers for small gardens
  33. Dahlias in the garden

Region: Greater London, South East

Fee band: £51 - 100