Sally Smith is a lifetime professional gardener. Previously, Sally was Head of Information in the Advisory Department at Garden Organic. Trained in Horticulture from the RHS, Sally offers bespoke training and workshops on many topics, looking at practical skills and organic gardening methods.


3 Hartle Green
Uppertown Lane

Telephone number: 01629 650973

Email: sallyorganic@icloud.com

Website: http://www.sallyorganic.co.uk

Talk topics:

  1. Vegetable inspirations – creative and productive ways to grow organic vegetables and herbs.
  2. Muck and Magic – THE guide to making great garden compost and using it to grow healthy plants.
  3. Organic gardening - myths and mysteries explained!
  4. Grow healthy plants - Hints and tips for successful organic pest and disease control.
  5. There are no garden pests? (Gardening with wildlife!)
  6. An introduction to using living willow for garden structures, fencing and other projects.
  7. The wonderful world of weeds – why are they so successful? How are weeds useful to the gardener? How do we manage weed control organically without herbicides?
  8. Using and choosing green manures for soil improvement and fertility building. (not as boring as it sounds!)
  9. How to create a garden pond for wildlife.
  10. Seed saving, biodiversity and the work of the Heritage Seed Library.
  11. Just when you thought it was safe to hang up your hoe... how to prepare your garden for winter.
  12. Herb gardening.

Region: Midlands

Fee band: £51 - 100