Vegetables and herbs
Taking three to five years to mature, homegrown asparagus is worth the wait for those delicious, tender spears doused in melted butter. As a perennial plant, it can continue producing for 15 years.
Growing calendar
Plant out Mar-mid Apr
Harvest End Apr - mid Jun

How to grow asparagus

Plant one-year old asparagus crowns 30cm apart, spreading roots over a 10cm high ridge in a 20cm deep trench. Half fill with soil and backfill the rest as plants grow.

Plant in well-drained soil, and water until established. Cut stems to 2.5cm when leaves yellow in autumn.

How to harvest asparagus

Harvest asparagus from second year. Cut 15.20cm high spears just below the soil surface for eight weeks, then let shoots grow.

Tips for growing asparagus

Asparagus spears can be damaged by wind so choose a sheltered site, stake, or plant natural wind breaks nearby. Remove any weeds that appear amongst the plants by hand as the plants are shallow rooted and likely to be disturbed by hoeing.

Growing notes
Latin name Asparagus officinalis
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 7-21 days
Average time to harvest 24 months
Equipment needed Stakes, twine
Average plant size 120cm tall, 30cm wide
Key nutritional content Folate, vitamin C