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The original superfood, spinach is high in vitamins C and A and is really simple to grow.
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Mar - mid Jun, or Sep
Harvest Jun - Sep and Oct - Mar

Supermarket spinach is often sold in single-use plastic and is one of the top food waste culprits so if you can find room for some in your veg patch it's a great cost and waste saver.

How to grow spinach

Regularly sow spinach seed 1cm deep in pots or rows. Thin or transplant to 15-30cm apart.

Keep the soil moist for continuous growth and remove weeds carefully. Grow early or late crops under cloches or horticultural fleece to protect from cold weather.

Harvesting and using pumpkins and squashes

Cut individual spinach leaves as required. Spinach plants will regrow many times so you can cut seedlings and mature plants right down to 2.5cm about the soil surface.

Tips for growing spinach

  • Avoid summer sowings as the plants tend to bolt (flower early)
  • Slugs love spinach so keep your young plants well protected.
Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 10-20 days
Average time to harvest 2 weeks (seedling), 10 weeks (mature)
Equipment needed Horticultural fleece
Average plant size 30cm tall, 20cm wide
Family group to grow with Chenopodiaceae: leaf beet
Seed saving notes 2 - Annual, can cross-pollinate
Key nutritional content Calcium, vitamins A and C, folate