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Discover how to grow parsnips successfully with our expert gardening guide. Learn essential tips and techniques for cultivating these nutritious root vegetables in your own backyard.
Growing calendar
Sow Outdoors February - May
Harvest October - March

How to grow parsnips

Sow seed 1cm deep, three seeds every 10-15cm. Thin to leave the strongest plant. Rows 15-30cm apart (more space for larger roots). Deep soil preferred.

Remove weeds by hand. Water fortnightly in dry weather for steady growth. If left dry for too long, sudden watering or rain can cause the roots to ‘split’ open.

Harvesting and using parsnips

Dig up as needed from autumn. Twist off the leaves rather than cutting. Can leave parsnips in the soil over winter until spring. Frost often improves the flavour.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 10-28 days
Average time to harvest From 20 weeks
Equipment needed None
Average plant size 20cm tall, 10cm wide
Family group to grow with Apiaceae: Carrot, celery
Seed saving notes Biennial, needs isolation
Key nutritional content Vitamin C, fibre folate