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Pumpkins are round, orange fruits typically associated with autumn. They are known for their versatility in cooking and carving, and are often used in pies, soups and festive decorations.
Growing calendar
Sow indoors May
Plant out/transplant June
Harvest July-October

How to grow pumpkins

Sow seed in pots, 1.5cm deep on their side. Harden off and transplant 60-90cm apart. Choose fertile soil in sunny sheltered site.

Mulch to conserve moisture. Pinch out growing tips of trailing stems when 60cm long. Protect from slugs. Place larger fruit on a tile to stop rotting

Harvesting and using pumpkins

Cut with 10cm stalk when fruit have coloured and sound hollow when tapped, but before frosts. Let skin harden in the sun for 10 days if storing. Flowers are also edible.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 5-8 days
Average time to harvest 14-20 weeks
Equipment needed Mulch (compost), tiles
Average plant size 45cm tall, 120cm wide
Family group to grow with Cucurbits: courgettes, marrows
Seed saving notes 2 - Annual, can cross-pollinate
Key nutritional content Vitamin A, vitamin C