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Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Mid Jul - Aug
Harvest Sep - mid Nov

How to grow chinese cabbage

Sow chinese cabbage seed 0.5cm deep in rows. Thin seedlings to 20-30cm apart. Choose fertile, moist soil and keep the soil moist as the chinese cabbage plants grow to prevent bolting.

Tie plants loosely with twine when hearts of compact leaves form (not required for 'self hearting' varieties).

Harvesting and using chinese cabbage

Harvest chinese cabbage by cutting 2.5cm about the soil level when the base feels firm. Stumps will sprout edible leaves. Flower shoots are also edible

Tips for growing chinese cabbage

  • Use bolt-resistant cultivars for early sowings.
  • Slugs love cabbage so keep your young plants well protected.
  • Advance late harvests with cloches.
Growing notes
Difficulty Moderate
Germination time 7-12 days
Average time to harvest 8-10 weeks
Equipment needed Twine, cloche (optional)
Average plant size 30cm tall, 15cm wide
Family group to grow with Brassica: eg cauliflower, broccoli
Seed saving notes 4 - biennial, needs isolation
Key nutritional content Vitamin C, calcium, folate