Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Apr - Jul
Harvest Mid Jul - Nov

How to grow kohl rabi

Regularly sow kohl rabi seed 1cm deep in pots or rows then thin or transplant seedlings to 15-30cm apart.

Choose fertile soil and a sunny site.

Water your kohl rabi plants in dry weather for steady growth - too little water produces woody flesh.

Boost with a general organic fertiliser if needed.

Harvesting kohl rabi

Dig up swollen base stems when still small (golf ball to tennis ball size). You can also eat the leaves.

Tips for growing kohl rabi

  • Check your kohl rabi regularly as the plant mature quickly!
Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 10 days
Average time to harvest 8-12 weeks
Equipment needed None
Average plant size 30cm tall, 20cm wide
Family group to grow with Brassica: eg broccoli, rocket
Key nutritional content Vitamin C, folate
Seed saving notes Biennial, needs isolation