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Shiitake mushrooms, photo by Yuval Zukerman on Unsplash

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Homegrown mushrooms have increased in popularity in recent years with lots of simple-to-use kits available.
Growing calendar
Sow All year
Harvest All year

How to grow mushrooms

Buy 'spawned' material that contains mushroom mycelium (similar to roots). Try compost, dowel sticks or impregnated hardwood logs.

Follow the specific instructions for the kit. In general, homegrown mushrooms need to be kept warm (minimum of 12 degrees C) and moist for mycelium to spread before fruiting starts weeks or months later.

Harvesting homegrown mushrooms

Twist mushroom stalks upwards to remove with minimum soil disturbance. Fruiting can continue for several weeks.

Growing notes
Difficulty Trickier
Average time to harvest 6 weeks to several months
Equipment needed Mushroom spawn
Average plant size 5cm tall and wide