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Oriental salad like muzuna, komatsuna, mustard greens, mustard spinach and pak choi is suprisingly easy to grow, and add really variety and interest to your salads.
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Mar-Jun and Aug-Sep
Harvest May-Sep and Nov-Mar

How to grow oriental salad

Regularly sow oriental salada seed 0.5cm deep in pots or rows. Thin seedlings or transplant, giving more space to produce bigger plants.

Keep the soil moist for continuous growth and remove weeds carefully. Grow early and late crops under cloches or horticultural fleece.

Harvesting and using oriental salad

Use thinnings or cut seedlings to 2.5cm when plants are 10cm tall (they will regrow many times). Cut outer leaves of semi-mature plants or whole salad heads.

Tips for growing oriental salad

  • Slugs love oriental salad so keep your young plants well protected.
Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 3-12 days
Average time to harvest 4-12 weeks
Equipment needed Horticultural fleece
Average plant size 20cm tall and wide
Seed saving notes 1 - annual, self-pollinating
Key nutritional content Vitamin C