Well known for its single head or 'curds' of creamy white florets, cauliflowers also come in spiky green, and orange and purple too!
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors End Mar-May
Plant out Jun-Jul
Harvest Aug-Jan

How to grow cauliflowers

Sow cauliflower seed 0.5cm deep in pots or seedbed. Transplant when seedlings have five leaves, 45cm apart (summer/autumn), 60cm apart (winter). Choose firm, fertile soil.

Harvesting and using cauliflowers

Begin cutting when flower heads are fairly small. Heads are over-mature when 'florets' start to separate and flower.

Tips for growing cauliflowers

Cauliflowers have a reputation for being difficult to grow but our tip for growing cauliflower successfully is consistent watering. They like cool, moist conditions, so in our warming climate, water regularly and mulch beneath the plants to prevent checks in growth, which produce smaller flower heads. Bend leaves over developing heads to protect from sun-scorch and frost.

Saving cauliflower seed

See our guidelines for saving brassica seed.

Growing notes
Difficulty Tricky
Germination time 7-12 days
Average time to harvest 16-20 weeks (summer), 40-50 weeks (winter)
Equipment needed Mulch (eg homemade compost)
Average plant size 45cm tall, 60cm wide
Family group Brassica: cabbage, kohl rabi
Latin name Brassica oleracea
Key nutritional content Folate, vitamin C
Seed saving notes Biennial, needs isolation