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Chard (leaf beet)

Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Apr - Jul
Harvest End Jul - Jan

How to grow

Regularly sow seed 1cm deep in pots or rows. Thin or transplant seedlings to 15-30cm apart. Choose fertile soil in a sunny site.

Water in dry weather for steady growth. Mulch to conserve moisture. Boost growth with a general organic fertiliser if needed.

Harvesting and use

Cut off outer leaves when big enough to use. You can also use younger seedling leaves when 10cm high (cutting to 2.5cm) and leaves will regrow several times.



Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 10-14 days
Average time to harvest 8-12 weeks
Equipment needed Mulch (eg compost)
Average plant size 60cm tall, 30cm wide
Family group to grow with Chenopodiaceae: spinach
Latin name
Seed saving notes Biennial, needs isolation
Key nutritional content Vitamins A and C, folate, iron